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Artist's Statement

When my daughter was a young child, I would hold her in my arms and show her paintings and photos hanging on walls. She would press her head into mine intensely observing all the details I pointed out to her. When I asked her many years later why she had pressed her head into mine she said, "Dad I wanted to see what you were seeing." 


What I present to you in my art is what I see through my eyes. In my sculpture and in my photography, I offer you the vision that calls to me in my subjects - the intensity of their emotions, the tangle of their experiences that shows on their faces and in their body language. The play of light, shadow, and reflection on simple objects and scenes evoke something far beyond their structure and form. The invitation to come closer and see what I see. 

15 TR.jpg


After 35 years in my own business as a financial services industry consultant, I retired in 2017 and opened up space in my life to discover a new undertaking. A chance encounter with the Art Students League of New York moved me to try sculpting. I had already been dabbling in woodworking and photography but felt the pull to try a new art form. I took to sculpting immediately under the tutelage of several outstanding teachers at the ASL and at the Florence Studio in Florence, Italy. In August 2022, I was invited to join the Salmagundi Art Club of New York and received the Hillary Schneider Merit Scholarship for Sculpting Realism from the Art Students League of New York. I am also the recipient of two "Red Dots" (Best in Show) at the Art Students League for my sculptures, "Charles" and "Breaking Through." In so doing I joined some noted artists receiving this honor, among them, Georgia O'Keefe, Norman Rockwell, and Jackson Pollock. 

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