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Artist's Statement

When my daughter was a child, I would hold her in my arms and show her paintings and photos hanging on walls. She would intensely press her head into mine observing all the details. When I asked her many years later why she had pressed her head into mine she said, “Dad, I wanted to see what you were seeing.” I am still touched by her words. Having an impact is most important to me.


What I present to you in my art is what I see through my eyes. In my sculpture, I offer you the vision that calls to me in my subjects - the intensity of the emotions that show on their faces and in their body language that evokes something far beyond structure and form. I seek to convey a feeling. My hope is you will come closer and see what I see. 

15 TR.jpg


After 35 years in his own business as a financial services industry consultant, Tony retired and opened up the space in his life for another undertaking. Already an accomplished photographer and woodworker, he was drawn to the creative arts and on a chance encounter with the Art Students League of New York, decided to try his hand at sculpting. He immediately took to the discipline. Within six months of starting sculpting classes, Tony was awarded the prestigious first place “Red Dot” at his very first showing in 2018 at the school. In his second show at the ASL, Tony received an honorable mention "Blue Dot" for a second sculpture. Tony continues to expand the scope of his work at the Art Students League under the tutelage of renowned artist and sculptor, Arslan, and metalsmith, Cliff Dufton. He also studied at the Florence Studio in Florence, Italy in 2019 under the direction of sculptor Frank Rekrut.


Tony has produced an impressive body of work in the short time he’s been sculpting. He seeks to create work that interprets and captures his subjects’ feelings and emotions. 


Tony is a native New Yorker and resides in Manhattan.



Received The Art Students League of NY “Red Dot” first place for portrait sculpture “Charles”2018

Received The Art Students League of NY “Blue Dot” honorable mention for portrait sculpture, “Jeune”


Accepted into the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Copyist Program to sculpt Rodin’s portrait “Gustav Mahler” in a gallery of the American and Contemporary Art Wing 


Received first portrait commission “Paul”


Invited to join the Salmagundi Art Club of NY as a Resident Artist

Awarded The Art Students League of NY, Hilliard Schneider Fund Merit Scholarship in the category of Realism in Sculpture


Received the Salmagundi Club of NY Hannibal DeBellis & Richmond Sculpture Award for portrait sculpture “John” at the 140th Annual Members Exhibition

Awarded The Art Students League of NY “Blue Dot” honorable mention for portrait sculpture “Johnny” 

Awarded The Art Students League of NY “Red Dot” first place for “Breaking Through” - a mixed media sculpture in metal, stone, and natural driftwood 

One-man show of sculptures and photographs at the Pennswood Art Gallery in Newtown, PA.


Awarded the Salmagundi Club of NY Certificate of Merit for photograph “MET Man” at the 147th Annual Black & White Photo Exhibit

Awarded the Art Students League of NY “Blue Dot” honorable mention for metal sculpture “Holding on to Life”

Received The Salmagundi Club of NY Macowin Tuttle Memorial Award for Best in Show in all mediums at the 154th Annual Spring Auction for "Green Man."

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